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3D Fake Eyelashes Strip Fluffy Natural Faux Mink Lashes


1. Best Eyelashes Material - Give You Best Shopping Experience

2. 100% Handmade Craft - Ensure the Best Quality

3. Fluffy, Lightweight, Soft & Natural - Feel Like Our Own Eyelashes

4. Flexible and Soft Bands - Easy to Apply and Remove

5. Can be used so many times with proper care - You Will Be the Most Eye-Catching One

How to Use

1. Take off the eyelashes carefully from the tray

2. Compare the lashes with your eye , trim to suitable length

3. Apply some glue on the band, wait a while, when the glue become clear and sticky, then put the eyelash on your eye and press carefully

4.Apply Eyeliner to looks more beautiful


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